[Review] WiiSports

When Wii came out, it was packed with a game, just like old-days. Well, Wii is still packed with a game, which is a ver nice touch from Nintendo. This game is called WiiSports.

A very simple name for a very simple game. True is, WiiSports is not a deep game, but it's perfect to start tasting the motion controls and for starters in the videogames world. The game is just what a new gamer needs to be introduced into a new world. Videogames may be not that important or epic, but is indeed a whole new experience.

Why would I review a game that comes with the system? Because that doesn't mean it will be played as it should be.

So, basically, this game comes with 5 sports to play. Those are Tennis, Baseball, Bowling, Golf and Boxing. All 5 games are known all over the world, maybe not so popular, but they are a very good choice. The gameplay in each game is very simple, some even simplier, and they all are played in many different ways. Let's check every sport separately.


The simpliest of all 5 sports, and one of the most addictive and fun to play. The only thing you have to do is swing your Wiimote just like it is a tennis raquet. That way, your character, or Mii, will swing his/her raquet to hit the ball. No buttons are needed in this sport, although you can use both the Wiimote movement or A button to serve. The Mii moves alone, and this may sound kind of weird and boring, but leaving everything but hitting the ball to the player is actually a good move. You only worry to hit the ball, and that is OK. Besides, the Mii will move very quickly, so in most cases, the continuity of the point will depend only in the player. Also, the way you swing the Wiimote will affect the way the Mii hits the ball. You can hit the ball with a lot of strength, or very weak, hit from your right or your left, elevate the ball or even give it some good effect, just by twisting the Wiimote.

Games are always doubles, where 1 to 4 players can play together. Games are quite short, but that's OK, after some games, you'll feel the excercise done.


In my country, baseball is not a popular sport, so I wasn't excited at all for this one. Nevertheless, after playing some baseball in WiiSports, I really liked it. It's also quite simple, but here you can use buttons to give effects to the ball when you throw it. Here, you do 2 things. You bat and you throw the ball. Of course, your mission is to hit the ball with the bat, and make the other team not hit the ball. At first, you are the batter, and after you get 3 outs, there's a switch and you become the pitcher.

When you bat, you only have to swing the Wiimote to hit the ball. Force applied influence how far the ball will go, also the moment when you hit the ball. Simple as that. When you're the pitcher, you swing the Wiimote like you were throwing something, and again, the ball's speed will depend on applied force. Here you can use A, B, 1 or 2 buttons to apply some effects to the ball, and make it harder to hit.

1 to 2 players can play in Baseball. Team members will be you console's Miis. Each game lasts 3 rounds.


I've never played real bowling, but after playing this, I really want to try it out. Bowling is really fun, and it's a good demostration you don't need practice or something to win. However, it's a little harder to play this sport. Basically, you throw the ball just like normal bowling, hoping to get a strike or, at least, a spare. To do so, you first need to press the B button and release it only after you do the throwing movement. In other words, you release the B button when you want to release the ball. The force you apply will depend a lot on the ball's speed, and here the effect is more important to get good throws. You can give effects to the ball by twisting the ball, just like in the other sports.

1 to 4 players can play, and here you can use only 1 Wiimote for 4 players. You have 10x2 throws, the last one with 3 throws, and a maximum score of 300. Good luck obtaining that score.


Golf may be an underrated sport, and considered boring for many [Myself included]. However, this sport is very fun in WiiSports, and very challenging, too. It may be the hardest of all 5 sports. In golf, you must hit the ball the less possible times to get it inside the hole. To hit the ball, first you need to take attention to some features like wind, terrain and club used. Then, you have to press and hold the A button and then swing the Wiimote just like a Golf club to hit the ball. The force you apply will depend on how far the ball will go, but here you must pay attention to not hit it too strong, because using too much force will send the ball to some place you don't want it to go, like the bunker or on a tree. To avoid these, you'll see a power meter at the left, where you can see the power you are using. Use too much, and the meter will go over the top.

1 to 4 players can enjoy golf, and just like bowling, with only 1 Wiimote. You can play a 3-hole game, from Beginner to Expert, or a very challenging 9-hole game.


If you want to excercise your body with WiiSports, I strongly recommend Boxing. Of all 5 sports, this is easily the best to train your body. Boxing may be as simple as Tennis, but here you require more strategy, fast thinking, and physical effort. Is not that much, but for starters, it's a good way to start doing excercise. This is the only sport that requires the Nunchuk add-on. Basically, you hold the Wiimote and the Nunchuk in each hand, and punch forward to punch your opponent in the game. Applied force and direction influence the punch you make. Also, you can guard yourself just by holding high the Wiimote and the Nunchuk, and in that position, move right or left to evade your opponent's attacks. After one player's life meter drops to nothing, he/she will fall down and the countdown will start. If it reaches zero, you're the winner. If when the game is over, there's no K.O., a winner will be decided by performance.

1 to 2 players can play Boxing, but both players need a Wiimote and a Nunchuk. A game lasts 3 rounds or 1 minute more or less.


Besides each normal sport, there are some mini-games that are a great plus to the game. Something like responding to 50 tennis balls, hitting 20 Home Runs, throwing a strike with 90 pins, getting as close to the hole as possible, avoiding balls while boxing, and more. Each sport has 3 different mini-games, all of them worth your time.


All 5 sports are very fun to play, and funnier if you play with someone else. This is a simple game, but getting the PRO level in each sport [By reaching 1000 points] is a long process. I strongly recommend to give this game a chance, even if you have some franchise games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl or Mario Kart Wii.

The game itself may be just too simple sometimes, and the Wiimote respond have little flaws, specially in Boxing. However, they don't make the game a failure or less fun. Also, is more recommended to play it with more people than alone, but you need more Wiimotes if you play Tennis, Baseball and Boxing.

Score: 8/10

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